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New site!!!
Breaking news!!! New site and a blog
Check it out for the latest cartoons.

Jason Chatfield, a great and talented young cartoonist and comedian has posted an open letter to the Australian law reform commission. It's important that we all share this information and re-tweet, re-blog and re-facebook the sugar out of it. 

New things for sale
I've created a small store on a website where you can order cartoony things over the net.

Cartoon updates
There are new cartoons in the cartoons section!

New cartoons in the Cartoons section
There is a new cartoon in the Cartoons section. A caricature of Lee Marvin

Michael the hungry ghost has left his mark!
Michael the hungry ghost has shown himself at the surgery lately. He was hiding in the corner where hardly anyone could see him. However he got spotted...

We have 42 degrees celsius
We are sweltering in 42 heat at the moment. You don't believe me? Click on here and see for yourself. The Chickens are laying boiled eggs...

Fireworks fail in Sydney?
Here is a glimpse into the future. Tonight Michael the hungry ghost might strike and eat the trigger for the fireworks in Sydney..!

Ela is starting to move in
Big news everyone! Ela is starting to move into her new premisses. She is very excited.

Broadford Ride Day slip up
Danny managed to bin the KTM at crash corner on Saturday December 15, 2012.
Check out the full story.

9 am. Friday December 7, 2012. The end?
According to Dr Karl on the Triple J radio station predicted the end of the world today.
Is it happening?

Ela has a new iPhone
Long and behold. Ela has an iPhone 5. 

Check out the news page for News!!!
On a short notice, there are a few new pictures of Elas new Office in the News Page. Go and have a look.

Michael the Hungry Ghost T-Shirts
As of now you can order T-Shirts with Michael the Hungry Ghost. Have a look at the Cartoon section for an example. 

We tried out our new BBQ. It's ripper. 

Website created!...
This website is still under construction, please visit us later!


Teeth, Trees and Cartoons

Quality teeth with bite

Hi All

I'm getting better at this. I'm working on a website that is inherently difficult to work with. So you have to be patient until I have worked out a few things. Some things work well. Other, how should I say, take a bit longer. The cartoon sections is the most frequent updated. Have a look and a laugh.

Now that we have your attention, I would like to point out our services we offer:

We do Dentures. Ela has over 20 years experience in this field. If you have any problems with your false choppers, Ela can help you.

We do Trees  . Danny has been working in the tree business for over 25 years. He will look after any of your tree problem, however, he is now concentrating on cartoons a bit more.

We do Cartoons. Danny is an expert in cartoons. He has been drawing forever. As a kid mostly on walls, to the disgrace of his parents. 

This only one cartoon for now. Oh, no. I have another one that you might like. Please enjoy them While I try to update the website and make it a bit better...

Danny & Ela

Who do you think is going to be our next Australian Prime Minister?
Kevin Rudd, again
Tont Abbott
I hope none of the above
Ginger Meggs

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